Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Axe Murderer Tours Online Store

I've had people asking me for Axe Murderer Tours merchandise for years, hats, shirts, mugs, whatever. Well thanks to Cafepress, I now have an online store, it's at This is just the beginning of the store, but I do have a fair selection of shirts, hats, magnets and a few other goodies with the Axe Murderer Tours logo on it. So if you've even been a victim of Axe Murderer Tours, here is your chance to get a hat or shirt to commemorate the event. I hope to add on other designs and have a few dive pictures available there as well that can be transferred to different things. I'm also working with Cafepress at the moment to recognize the Northern Mariana Islands as a part of the U.S. postal system so they stop charging ridiculously high international rates to ship anything here. I'm hoping to have that little detail worked out in the next day or so. You can also click on the Axe Murderer Tours logo on the sidebar anytime to go directly to the online store. Happy shopping!